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26 Icons

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unaired Lucy clips

For those interested, clips of Lucy's cancelled show The Awakening have been posted by her talent agency here in a mixed reel showcasing her work. Her agency is the same one representing American Ferrera, Olivia Wilde, and Rupert Grint. Thanks to ladykate63 for pointing this out at The Robin Hood Yuku Boards! You can hear Lucy use an American accent in this! (and it's not bad!)

Hamilton Hodell - Showreel - Lucy Griffiths (~8 minutes long)


Lucy with red hair?

I gave Marian red hair and lightened her eyes for an iconset for a game and figured I would share.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

54 more here!
Credit myfebruarysong or firegirlicons.

Lucy Graphics :)

 So I'm a bit Lucy obsessed, and have made a bunch of photomanipulations/graphics of her... here are a few of my favourites :)


Lucy Griffiths Tumblr...

Wasn't sure if anyone would be interested, but i've created a Tumblr for all things Lucy...

Its not the easiest trying to find Lucy fans... SO if ANY of you have Tumblr, then please give us a follow and spread the word ^_^

Hello! I hope this is allowed - it's an ad for a new Robin Hood game. Please feel free to take a peek or delete if it bothers anyone. Thanks!

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I absolutely love this chik!!!!


 I Love Lucy Griffiths! I especailly Loved her in Sea of Souls, aswell as Robin hood. Those are about the only films ive really seen her in. What other shows or movies is she in?


Top 10 female tv characters (including Marian)

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[27] Lucy Griffiths icons
 Gosh, I love that girl! 

Icons here @ dansmon_cafe