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lucygriffithslj's Journal

Lucy Griffiths Fan Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
This is a livejournal community created for the fans of Lucy Griffiths. Miss Griffiths is most famous for the role of Maid Marian in BBC's new series "Robin Hood."

In this community members can post the following:

  1. Articles relating to Miss Griffiths

  2. Lucy icons

  3. fic featuring her characters

  4. fannish squees

The community userinfo is currently under construction, so keep checking back. For now, I just have a few quick guidelines.

Community Guidelines:

  • Articles: I am open to the posting of almost any type of article, but can we respectfully refrain from less reputable sources?

  • Icons: You can have up to 3 teasers, more than that, and they go behind a cut.

  • Icons: ABSOLUTELY NO MULTIFANDOM TEASERS (offending posts will be deleted on sight)

  • Icons: Every icon in this community must be related to Lucy Griffiths OR the characters that she plays.

  • Icons: You can link to multifandom icon posts, HOWEVER links to these types of posts must be accompanied by a laundry list of the icons included in the link.

  • Fic: Fics MUST include at least one of Miss Griffiths characters.

  • Fic: Real Person Fics ARE allowed, but they MUST include disclaimers at the head of the post-- in bold.

  • Videos: YouTube vids MUST be embedded, and put under a cut.

  • Tags: Use them...

(guidelines subject to change)


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